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Q - Can I have my own custom objects added to the WCOL Object Path?
A -  Yes, we are happy to add your personal custom objects for you to use. We ask that you only submit objects suitable for AW use with low poly counts.

Q - Can I use my own Avatars with the WCOL Path?
A -  Yes, we now have the ability to offer you a private avatars folder and list for your world. This allows world owners to make their world even more unique by having their own separate list of avatars while using the WCOL objects. World owners must supply their own avatars and avatars.dat file and subscribe to the private avatars folder service. We will password and upload your files for you. We offer this feature without the use of scripts which can cause errors in AW. The process we use is instantaneous and should never cause a conflict with AW. This feature allows you to use the WCOL Path while maintaining your own private avatar look, great for GOR and other world users.

Q -  I found some free objects I would like to use, can I send them? 
A -  We ask that you to first try the object's actual rwx name to be certain it is not already on the WCOL Path. If you cannot load the object, please zip it with it's textures and e-mail it to us. We will gladly add it for you to use. Please place your world name into the zip's name such as myworldchair10.zip , my world = your world's name + rwx name .zip.

Q -  I would like to host with you and use the WCOL Path in other Universes, can I? 
A -  Yes, you may use our services in any Universe you desire.

Q -  I would like you to start hosting my world and use your WCOL Path. Can I have you start services and then mail in the payment? 
A -  Yes, we are happy to start up your services immediately. We allow ten days from the start of your services for receipt of payment. In most all cases, that is plenty of time for postal delivery providing payment is mailed promptly .

Q -  How will I and my builders be able to enter the object yards? 
A -  As a world caretaker on our service, you just give your builder's a priv pass to enter the WCOL world yards and we enter that citizen number to our enter rights. You and your builders will be then be able to enter and fly around the extensive categorized world object yards. We suggest you use one of the extra citizen numbers that came with your world purchase to create this privilege pass with. We also suggest that you don not use a citizen number that has builds as a priv pass allows those builds to be altered.

Q -  I would like to add an additional caretaker to my world, how do I do that? 
A -  Just send us the new caretaker citizen number via e-mail using your main e-mail account that is listed on your order form. Upon confirmation with you, we will gladly add the new number as caretaker.

Q -  I have a nice backdrop I would like to use in my world. May I have it added? 
A -  Yes, we are happy to add your backdrops.

Q -  Are the objects on your path protected with passwords?  
A -  Yes, as protection, we password all custom objects

Q -  I have more than one world. Are there discounts available for me? 
A -  Yes, we do offer discounts. Since we already started so low, we offer the discounts starting with your third world's services.

Q -  I have my own object path, do you offer world hosting without a path? 
A -  Yes, we offer our world hosting services with and without our WCOL Path. We also offer our path without hosting

If your question has not been answered here, E-Mail us and we will help you.


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