"GOR NUDE SEQ's - ORDER FORM - 2001 - 2002

To order, PRINT and COMPLETE the order page,
make your money order for $15.00 per 'SET' per world, payable to Lars Wyka,
then mail to the address shown below.
Sorry, No Personal Checks please.





State:_____________________ Zip:______________

E-mail Address:_____________________________________

Phone Number: (____)________________________________

World Name:_______________________ (License is for Use in One World)

AW Screen Name:___________________________________

Number of copies:______________

Money Order:____

(DELIVERY upon Receipt of Payment)

Make Money Order Payable to: Lars Wyka

_____ $15.00 NUDE SET - U.S. Funds

Mail to:

Lars Wyka
Heartfall Productions
P.O. Box 200813
Arlington, Texas 76006

E-Mail: hfaw@heartfall.com

AW ScreenName: InSaNiTy

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