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Have your world online 24 hours a day, seven days a week by hosting your world on our servers. Our resource technologies and expertise allow us to provide you with worry-free, high-bandwidth hosting. Your world will benefit from fast and reliable performance when hosted by us. We back up all worlds every 24 hours***. Our Active World's server resources have been providing reliable services to customers for ten years. We provide you with many options.

Hosting your own world but want to save time and hassles of building & maintaining your own path? Want to use this huge Custom High Speed WCOL Path?  Visit Heartfall World Hosting Services for affordable alternatives and have your world running 24/7 by professionals.

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Have Fun in 3D!

For only pennies more per day,Heartfall's World Hosting Services options may include use of the World Community Object List.

WCOL is a private path of thousands upon thousands of custom and exclusive objects, textures, grounds, avatars and more! Currently we have more than 45,000 items and we are always growing.

We also have the standard alpha and active worlds models, textures and avatars available on the path.

WCOL is it's own private world for the WCOL object yard where you can view many of the objects grouped into categories.

No need to waste your world space any longer on object yards in your worlds.

As a world caretaker on our service, you just give your builder's a priv pass to enter the WCOL yard.
You and your builders will be then able enter and to fly around the extensive categorized world yard.

There are currently more than 90 backdrops to select from and more than 200 avatars to try out.

The path is growing monthly with new exclusive custom objects.

Have a need for a new object? Requests are taken and new objects are designed when possible.

Have an object you would like to add to the list? Just send it along and we will add it promptly.

We will help you get setup and answer your questions about the new world you now have.

E-Mail us if you have any questions.

Always Fast, Always Friendly, Always there for You!

Heartfall will not host Worlds containing X-rated material or links. We reserve the right to refuse service.

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