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***This will provide you with a complete video training instruction program. Each video shows a step by step demonstration on each side view and angle with a detailed explanation showing many aspects of self defense***


VHS Videos are $45.95 each (*FREE SHIPPING USA*)
PAL European Format special handling required. Please inquire via email for price. Descriptions follow:

Learn step by step basic jujitsu pressure points, counters vs chokes, grabs, various holds, defenses and countermeasures from a variety of attacks so that you can walk the streets safe at night. Includes many submission holds, Awesome Self Defense survival techniques. (35 min) Add to Cart

Intermediate and Advanced vital pressure point holds, submissions and escapes. Defenses against stick and knife attacks, take downs and finishing holds and many other useful highly effective combat jujitsu grappling techniques. See how to incorporate judo, jujitsu, & karate effectively to quickly overcome the attacker. (47 min.)Add to Cart

VOLUME #3 Volume #3 contains rare footage of Jiu Jitsu Hall of Fame Professor in Self Defense Seminar. (60 min.)Add to Cart

Filipino Stick, Knife and Hand to Hand Combat against various violent armed and unarmed attacks. Learn step by step as shown and clearly displayed on all videos, how to use your hands or a stick to disarm and incapacitate a violent Knife or Stick armed attacker(s) in seconds. Includes warm-ups, stances, blocks and more. (73 min.) Add to Cart

Pressure vital points & come a long submission defense holds $39.95 learn how to completely control and overcome an attacker in seconds. These exclusive self defense techniques are easy to learn and understand, in minutes you will obtain many essential tools to easily escape from an attackers hold. See the secrets most instructors wont teach students. Learn From the Best!!! (76 min.) Add to Cart

VOLUME #6Private Seminar Part II- Jujitsu Hall of Fame Professor displays an awesome array of teachings and concepts. (40 min.)Add to Cart

Blocks, Counterattacks, and Strikes. Learn 1-2-3 "touch and go" quick to the point defense techniques and instruction against a variety of violent attackers. Learn also how to effectively use every day items such as keys, mace, high heel shoes, books, and sticks to defend yourself should you be assaulted. This video as others available, is a must have for the commuter, the housewife, student, or child attending school; an outstanding educational safety video. (78 min.)Add to Cart


Personalized Self Defense Lessons and Fitness Training by Chief Instructor
Mr Joe Jitsu Saladino:

  • Personal or Group training in foreign countries available as time schedule allows.  Email us with information and date(s) training is needed.  We will contact you as soon as possible regarding availability.  Personal instruction extends to Individuals or groups who desire efficient instruction in military or police self defense and /or attack techniques, or simply to learn self-defense tactics to be able to go where you want to without fear.

  • Low Price: Martial Arts Supplies, Equipment, Uniforms and Training Videos.

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