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Date: Monday, January 4, 1999 7:49 AM

Subject: Child's Cry Newsletter Dec 98

Hello and Welcome to 1999,

We hope that you all have had a great start to the new year. *We have been making some changes to this newsletter. *We will continue making new updates and creative changes monthly. *We hope you will enjoy them.

*NEW FOR 1999
This letter can now be viewed on the web in two formats. January Newsletter Text  and January Newsletter with Graphics. and

We are pleased that this newsletter is currently viewed in 32 countries worldwide.  Please help us send the gift of love and good spirit around the world. Forward this letter to a friend or loved one. May you and your family all be blessed with happiness and good health. If you were forwarded this letter, and would like to be put on our mailing list, please subscribe by E-Mail Subject=Subcribe . You have received this newsletter because you either listed yourself, or were referred by a friend. You will always find family valued material, never adult material, here, or within the sites listed. Book mark the links, Many are frequently updated. This letter is written two ways, for those who are able, you can click the underlined links. For those who can't, I have listed the URL's so that you can cut and paste them. Be sure to get your your free Active Worlds 3D Web Browser, listed below in this newsletter.

I hope you enjoy the following items,
Lars Wyka
Child's Cry Foundation - Founder


I was sent this url the other day, and thought that many of you might like it also. It is Winter Olympics Snow Slalom  A fun little Java application you play right on your screen. No downloading is necessary.

For fans of Star Wars, there are clips from the new upcoming film, "Episode I, the Phantom Menace" and the film trailer download.

The Child's Cry Foundation has been a long term effort and goal of mine. These Children need our help.  Please visit this site. You will understand once you do. Please help a needy child in your area, if we all helped our neighbors in need, we could help rid homelessness for children, and make our world a better place to live. It does not take much, every offering is one more step in the right direction. For people and businesses seeking web promotion, the Child's Cry Foundation has set up a gift program to help you. Please visit  the Child's Cry Advertising site to find out more information.

Friends of Child's Cry

At  Heartfall Productions   page, there is a new Links Page, full of great links and free products, many delivered right to your door from major name brand companies. This links page will be growing daily, check back often. If  you would like your link added to this page, please e-mail your URL, with a description, and send us the URL of that page in which you have linked us. We will gladly link back to you after reviewing your site and clearing it as free of adult content. Heartfall donates the services of this Newsletter as well as page design to the Child's Cry Foundation. Please sign our Guest Book located at  and feel free to link to our pages.

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For those of you interested in Martial Arts, Law Enforcement, Safety, and Grappling, visit No Heroics, Just Survival's "Escape with Ease"  There you can get Free Video clips of Grappling Maneuvers. There is a great video available also. Tell a friend, or maybe get one as a gift.
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Visit a great artist's gallery... Zero Gallery  "what's inside, put outside, on canvas" by artist Valery Milovic.  There are fantastic paintings available at affordable prices.
Let Cupid Blow the kiss of love into your dreams... Aja'a Romance Connection Free Worldwide Personal Ads.

Fluxfire Graphics & Web Design  has just completed a fantastic animated logo which Heartfall has been in search of for some time. Fluxfire has also helped Child's Cry with logo's and a 3D web location. If you have any graphics needs, you will be very pleased with the work of Fluxfire.

Heartfall has recently added sound files to our 3D theater in Active Worlds. Liquid Audio Productions   did the conversion file for us. We are very pleased with their performance and the level of professionalism they have shown.

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Please e-mail us on the type of topics you would like to see in this newsletter. All of your input is valuable to us.

You can reach me via ICQ# 17442909

or e-mail

I hope that you have found the items in this news letter useful.



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