Escape with Ease

Mike Goldberg - No Heroics, Just Survival, Martial Arts Director/Grappling Designer Mike Goldberg first started his Martial Arts training in 1968 under Shigeru Oyama. In 1972, Mike started Tang Soo Do (Moo Duk Kwan) under Tang Soo Do Grandmaster, Ki Whang Kim. Also in that same year, he studied Aikido under Clyde Takeguchi and continued the study with Grandmaster Homma in Misawa, Japan. In 1979, Mike obtained his Bachelors of Arts in East Asian Studies at Maryland University, he also received both his First Degree Brown Belt in Aikido and his Second Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do under Master Kim. In fact Kim had given him the Korean name, "Kim, Ji Jun" meaning "scholar".

While overseas, Mike had studied Baztekhan (Filipino Karate) under Sirsan Carlos Orino and received his Third Black Belt from GrandSirsan Juanito Diaz in 1985. While in Japan, he studied White Crane Kung Fu under Sifu Charles A. Heard. In 1980, Mike obtained his Masters Degree in Southeast Asian Studies from Ohio University. There he had the good fortune of having Bando GrandMaster Maung Gyi as his academic advisor.

Mike Goldberg shows grappling manuevers step by step... Upon his graduation, GrandMaster Maung Gyi urged Mike to pursure more street oriented arts such as Kali and JKD. In 1980, Mike attended a JKD/Kali Seminar given by Dan Inosanto, in Ohio. Through the years, Mike had attended several seminars conducted by Sifu/Inosanto. Also in 1980, Mike began studying under Kali Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje and Tuhon Bill McGrath. Under their guidance, Mike gained confidence in teaching his students how to handle armed assailants with a minimum amount of risk to themselves. Because of Mike's efforts to incorporate Kali in various Filipino cultural events throughout Texas, Grandmaster Gaje and Consul General Landicho of the Philippines, appointed Mike to the position of Cultural Arts director to the United States Kali Association International in 1988. In 1987 he began training under JKD instructors Larry Hartsell and Tim Tackett, Sr.(Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do; Nucleus Board Member). He also sponsored Thai Boxing Seminars conducted by GrandMaster SuraChai Sirisute.

During 1980, Mike started his own Baztekhan organization in Fort Worth, Texas, holding the rank of Third Degree Black Belt. Mike received his Full JKD Instructorship under Tim Tackett, Sr.. Mike has given lectures and personal protection seminars for various International Organizations such as the World, Group Health Association Headquarters in Washington D.C., and the Inter-Developmental Bank. In his new project, "The Comedy Self Defense School", Mike makes learning street survival a little less intimidating and much more fun to learn by using comedy, magic, mime, and juggling. His first seminar for this project was in March, 1996 at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.

Learn Mike's techniques for protecting yourself! Mike has currently been working with Heartfall Productions and Cajun Moon Multimedia in a joint effort under "No Heroics, Just Survival" Video Series to produce self defense videos such as "Escape with Ease" (Grappling Maneuvers) and "What if..." (a street wise self defense for all), with more to follow shortly. Mike Goldberg resides in Fort Worth, Texas where he continues to instruct and learn Martial Arts.

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