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Lars Wyka - Producer / Director / Actor / Writer Heartfall Productions is owned and operated by Film Producer/Director, Lars Wyka. He is also a Writer, FX Artist and Actor. Lars manages Heartfall Productions as well as being the acting Chairman of the Child's Cry Foundation. Lars Founded the Child's Cry Foundation to aid disadvantaged children and to provide films and safety training videos for children. Please visit the Child's Cry Foundation Web Page by clicking the logo below.

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Lars has worked over the years in various movie, video, and television projects. In 1994, he began project development in L.A. for "Broken Sparrow" a 35mm film written by veteran actor Virgil Frye. During this same time he began to form the Child's Cry Foundation. He has also been an Agent and CEO of a North Texas Talent Agency, managing over 150 acting talents. Lars Starred in "Jarok's Fortune" a video short which was exhibited at the 1994 San Francisco Festival. "Jarok's Fortune" is a project Lars began in 1994 and continues development of, as a co-writer, producer, and director. Filming is set to begin in 2000. Additional financing is still being sought for this medieval fantasy, love story.

During the first day of the 1994 L.A. Earthquake in Northridge California, Lars formed a relief operation which worked with various organizations in Texas and in L.A., to send disaster relief to the area. Click on the image to go to the "L.A. Earthquake Disaster Relief" page.
L.A. Earthquake Disaster Relief

His other projects from 1994 through 1998, include the following:

F/X Makeup / Actor - "The Portrait" Gener8tion Entertainment 1998.

Associate Producer / A.D. / Actor / F/X Make-up / Precision Driving - "Singapore Sling" Citation Productions 1998.

Associate Producer / Lead Actor - "Always Remembered", 16mm UNT Production, 1997.

Producer / Director - "Escape with Ease" No Heroics, Just Survival... Video Series.

Associate Producer - "Shadowed Love" Feature Film, P.E. Productions, 1997.

Associate Producer / Key F/X Make-up - "Child of the Village" Feature Film, Elantra Productions, 1997.

Key Make-up / F/X - "Trout" 16mm short, Play Loud Productions, 1997.

Co-Producer / Casting Director - "Reel Movie Critics" Television Pilot, Film in Texas Production, 1997.

F/X Make-up / 1st A.D. / Actor - "Loofa" Feature Film, C.D.U. Productions, 1997.

Line Producer / Director of Photography - "Loofa" Feature Film, C.D.U. Productions, 1997.

Executive Producer - "Ruta Wakening", SPB Films, Inc. 1996, Showed at the 1996 Slamdance Festival, Park city, Utah; SXSW Film Festival, Austin, Texas; USA Film Festival, Dallas, Texas; Berlin, Worldfest in Houston, Orlando, and South Carolina. Ruta Wakening continues to show worldwide.

Patron / Sponsor / Juror - 1995 + 1996 USA Film Festival.

Patron / Sponsor - The American Film Institute.

Producer - Intensive Weekend Acting Seminars, featuring David Homb (Phantasmagoria, JAG, Drew Carey).

Lars and fellow ghoul on set of 'Scarey Texas Movie'
F/X Make-up / Actor - "Scary Texas Movie" Fetaure Film, Brosis Productions 1996.

Producer - "Cowboys" Feature Film, currently in development/pre-production.

Producer / Director / Actor - "Guns and Roses, not the band...", 16mm experimental short for the Sundance Channel.

Executive Producer / Director - "One/"Our New Earth" Dramatic Documentary Series and Concert Tour. In development and scripting, 1996 - present.

Producer / Director - "Shadow Beast" Feature Film, currently in development.

Producer / Director / Actor - "What If?" No Heroics, Just Survival... Video Series.

Producer / Host - Officer Alan Chick Memorial Event 1994.
Produced and Hosted six leading stand up comedians for the memorial benefit honoring slain oficer, Alan Chick, for the Ft. Worth Police Association.

Letter of Appreciation from Texas Governor Ann Richards.

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